Friday, May 8, 2015

Nikolai’s Roof, Ray’s in the City and Trader Vic’s Beef Up Downtown Steak Week

Seafood and veggie lovers take heart, Downtown Steak Week woos you, too, as restaurants showcase tantalizing specialties from Delmonico ribeye to diver scallops, yellow fin tuna steak to cowboy sushi rolls and lamb chops to lasagna. Presented by Central Atlanta Progress and Creative Loafing, this meaty occasion returns for its second year over the week of Monday, May 11 through Sunday, May 17. Downtown Atlanta is a tasty destination whether you come by foot, car, streetcar, MARTA...or elevator up to the top of the Hilton Atlanta to feast eyes on the special menu at Nikolai’s Roof and the spectacular view. Chef Stephanie Alderete combs land and sea for her Downtown Steak Week menu featuring starters such as braised short rib piroshki ($12), Brussels sprout salad ($13) and caviar ($95-$145); first-course options like jumbo lump crab terrine ($13), diver scallop ($14), red beet and beef borscht consommé ($12) or beef carpaccio with olive beignets ($14); and seared beef tenderloin with duck bacon ($36), sautéed tilefish with shrimp confit ($32), roasted Magret duck breast ($36) and oven-roasted lamb chops ($39) among the entrées. Conclude the divine meal with local and global artisanal cheeses ($18 for three) and sweets such as blackberry crème brûlée ($12) and chocolate soufflé with espresso crème fraîche ($16). Order à la carte or choose the Chef’s Menu with three ($61), four ($71) or six ($91) courses. Make reservations online.

Ray’s in the City stakes a share in lunch and dinner plans with steak and seafood specialties including a featured lobster-stuffed filet ($30), Delmonico ribeye ($39), seven-ounce filet (à la carte, $29), steak frites ($20) or yellow fin tuna steak ($32). Round up special cowboy sushi rolls of steak, asparagus, crab meat and cream cheese ($15), available for weekday lunch only. Make lunch or dinner reservations online.

Trader Vic’s Atlanta in the Hilton Atlanta dashes Pacific Rim karma over its Steak Week dinner features of smoked oven New York strip steak with wok garlic green beans, scallop potatoes and red wine sauce ($30) and stir-fried filet de boeuf uniting beef tenderloin, sugar peas, carrots and steamed jasmine rice ($28). Make reservations online. 

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