Friday, May 1, 2015

New Menu at Milton’s Grows from Fall Planning for Milton’s Acre Spring Harvest

Chef lingo of “seasonal” and “local” bear a whole new dimension when the executive chef and resident grower collaborate in planning garden plantings. Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails in historic Crabapple is such a place, where executive chef Derek Dollar and Peter Kohm, resident grower for the right-out-back Milton’s Acre, work together with menu and guest pleasure in mind. That’s seed-to-fork dining right down to the roots. Dollar’s new spring menu testifies to garden goodness with dishes such as garden herb flatbread with goat cheese-pesto spread and heirloom tomatoes ($10); baby red romaine salad with celery, carrot curls, toasted sunflower seeds, shaved Parmesan, caper blossoms and lemon-basil vinaigrette ($8); chef’s vegetable plate of garden vegetables and almond quinoa, grilled asparagus, garlic wax beans, pickled beets, summer squash casserole and sunflower pesto ($21); honey-glazed bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with aged white cheddar rice grits, yellow wax beans, cracked mustard-country ham demi and black truffle butter ($28); and crispy striped bass with summer squash casserole, arugula and crispy red onion salad, sunflower romesco and arugula oil ($30). More dishes incorporating Milton’s Acre herbs and gems include shrimp and country ham ceviche ($10), deviled farm eggs ($8) and mussels and Sapelo Island clams ($14). Back in November when we were giving thanks for our Thanksgiving Day feasts, Dollar and Kohm were poring over a pile of 40 seed and plant catalogs, evaluating customer favorites, garden successes and other factors while determining this spring’s planting scheme. For their foresight and our backdoor-close, farm-fresh feast, we truly give thanks. Make reservations online or call 770-817-0161.

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