Friday, January 30, 2015

Tin Drum Celebrates the Chinese New Year with New Dishes and Deals

Eager to get a jump on a holiday centered on "Lucky Days" with lots of peace, harmony and good fortune, Tin Drum Asiacafé is spinning out two takes on traditional Chinese dishes for Chinese New Year 2015. Famished guests won't have to drag on until February 19, the first day of "The Year of the Ram," to chopstick into Orange Ginger Chicken or Mongolian Fiery Steak because Tin Drum starts stirring up these comforting dishes on Monday, February 2. Served atop hot steamed white rice, one dish captures a colorful parade of crispy chicken, fresh red pepper and broccoli sautéed in sweet and tangy orange ginger sauce while the other sautés juicy steak and zesty green onions in spicy Mongolian sauce and caps the mix with crispy onion strings. Each dish is priced at $7.95 and is available for a limited-time only. Got a yen to save some money? Stop by Tin Drum on Fridays and request the Friday Meal Deal: fork out $6 for either of these two Chinese New Year entrées and a fountain drink.

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