Friday, December 26, 2014

Team Hidi 3.0 Tickets Available for January 25 Tasting-Fundraiser

Think beyond New Year's Eve and flag Sunday, January 25 for Team Hidi 3.0 (TH3 for short). Click here to buy your tickets to this highly anticipated tasting-fundraiser at the Georgia Freight Depot. Now in year three, TH3 gathers 50-plus celebrated Atlanta restaurants and bars, live and buy-it-now auctions, the fun-loving Yacht Rock Review and a depot full of guests to raise dollars for The Giving Kitchen (TGK) emergency assistance program. TGK is a legacy of chef Ryan Hidinger. The visionary behind Staplehouse lost his battle against cancer in January but not before he, wife Jen and chef Ryan Smith started The Giving Kitchen, a safety net for restaurant and hospitality workers facing unanticipated crises. All event proceeds go to TGK, a 501(c)3 organization -- as do the profits from Staplehouse restaurant. Numbers? Last year TGK aided more than 60 of the 200,000+ employees within Atlanta's restaurant industry.

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