Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10th & Piedmont Flexes its Mussels & Martinis Promotion July 9-22

10th & Piedmont brings you their Mussels & Martinis promotion July 9-22. While mussel specialties vary in price, all martinis are $10 each. Not to worry if you don’t know what to try first, executive chef Javier Viera has suggested pairings that don’t disappoint. When the fried mussel poppers ($8) meet the basil lemon drop martini, the bright flavors and taste is irresistible. To complement the braised mussels with French bread ($12), order a Kai Lemongrass cosmo. Twirl a spoonful of angel hair pasta and mussels with garlic butter, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese ($16) and pair it with an Angels Envy Manhattan for divine harmony. To enjoy these and more mussel and martini pairings, head to 10th & Piedmont before the promotion is over!

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