Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MLA Opens The Publicist Restaurant on Atlanta’s Westside

After more than 20 years of publicizing Atlanta’s best restaurants, Melissa Libby & Associates is donning another toque and opening The Publicist Restaurant in the Lumberyard Lofts on Atlanta’s Westside. Not that the team is putting their public relations skills on the back burner; they’re finally sharing a culmination of culinary skills gleaned over years in the industry. Specializing in post-5 p.m. and late night munch outs, The Publicist will offer a 10-course tasting menu featuring items such as The Melissa, an energizing Red Bull and Power Bar combo. Order The Rafer and woof down leftovers as your main course. MLA awarded Bowen Betts Design their first restaurant design project. On the beverage menu, look for a big bowl of cold water for visiting hounds and a punch line for humans . . . April Fools! 

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