Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gunshow and King + Duke Heat Up GQ's Best Restaurants of 2014 List

It didn't take long for the city of Atlanta to catch the bug - and now, it's spread across the nation. Symptoms of this epidemic include: uncontrollable cravings for unique cuisine, addiction to energetic atmospheres and inability to turn down a dinner invite. The culprits: Kevin Gillespie's Gunshow and Ford Fry's King + Duke. The national buzz created by these Atlanta restaurants have landed them on GQ's list of "The 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2014." Alan Richman, the magazine's award-winning food correspondent, remembers the moment his revelation hit. While at King + Duke, Richman recalls, "I sat up straight and thought: This is the one. This is informal American dining, perfected." His experience at Gunshow left him saying, "I don't recall so many styles of cooking from one restaurant kitchen, and each dish is successful, because every cook specializes in the cuisine he or she knows best." We couldn't agree more, Alan - this list has certainly received the Peach State's stamp of approval!

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