Monday, January 13, 2014

A Whole Lot of Reasons to Shop Whole Foods

There's a whole lot to love about living in the Atlanta area, including realizing there are a whole lot of Whole Foods Market stores scattered around the metro area. Eight, to be exact, all ready to top your winter "explore the great indoors" activity list. As pointed out in the article "Seven Fascinating Things You May Not Know about WholeFoods," savvy shoppers find shopping at Whole Foods Market can lead to a healthier table without devouring their grocery budget. For starters, their website offers a bulk bin of information covering healthy living, menu ideas and recipes, plus money-saving coupons, tips and specials in The Whole Deal guide. Check it out, especially the core values page. And you'll find savings add up when you buy the Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value products. These folks are animal friendly, there's no place for added hormones, antibiotics or growth enhancers in their meats and seafood. Hormone-free bears repeating, all around the store. "Artificial" anythings (colors, flavors, etc.) are no-nos across the aisles as well, from meats and dairy products to shelf goods. Whole Foods Market's non-GMO labeling project was a first for retailers, putting "non-GMO" right out there on labels to enlighten consumers' choice making. The labeling project now covers more than 3,300 non-GMO verified products in Whole Foods stores. The money you spend at Whole Foods Market comes back to the community in donations and support for local causes. Where does Whole Foods Market fit in our lifestyle game plan? Whole, in one.

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