Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Snippy, Snappy or Snide Need Not Show Up: Snark Free Day, October 22

A day devoted to eliminating rude, harsh or sinister sarcasm, do you have what it takes? Join us on Tuesday, October 22 to celebrate Snark Free Day and find out what all the kindness is about. Snippy, snappy or snide need not show up. Often doled out at a high cost, snarky comments swarm conversations like bees ready to sting exactly where it hurts the most. Watch this YouTube video and see for yourself. Ouch. Convicting, right? Have no fear though, fellow snarksters, we're joining forces to eliminate the snark from the start of the day 'till its finish. What's the saying? If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all? Repeat this one more time for good measure. If you think you can't go an entire day without backfiring on your co-worker or leaking sarcasm into every conversation, visit www.snarkfreeday.com or follow @jonathansnark on Twitter for help. 

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