Monday, August 19, 2013

Pick Up Watsonia Farms Peaches Through Labor Day

Beat those back to school blues by staying peachy with mouthwatering produce from Watsonia Farms. Their organically grown and conventional peaches are available at Atlanta-area farmers markets through Labor Day. Stock up on these orbs of summertime awesomeness and carry the warm season well into winter. The Monetta, S.C. farm offers plenty of ideas to make the most of your treasure. Try your hand at canning and preserving peach jam, conserve, honey, relish or marmalade or put up some peach pickles. Watsonia Farms suggests checking this link for how-tos. If you’ve already snapped up a basket too many and they’re trending overripe, turn them into peach pie or cobbler, smoothies, puréed baby food or add to bread, muffins or pancakes. Try adding some to chicken stock with balsamic vinegar for a piquant meat glaze or sauce. Tuck away a few freezer bags of peach slices – you’ll be so glad you did when winter’s gray days are here. 

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