Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hearth Pizza Tavern Pours Berry Cold Cocktails From New Menu

Summers in Atlanta can be real scorchers, and we're already shouting for relief. Luckily, the mixologists at Hearth Pizza Tavern heard our cries and have developed a refreshing new summer drink menu featuring the wonderfully sweet fruits of the season. The Sandy Springs hot spot is now serving up the Strawberry Fields cocktail featuring a muddle of strawberries, cilantro, fresh-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup and Absolut Cilantro vodka. The Orange Fizz brings Svedka Orange Cream Pop vodka together with ginger ale and a slice of orange for a refreshingly cool summer treat. Other bright newcomers to the drink menu include the Hummingbird, abuzz with peach and basil, and the Key Lime Pie martini that packs a Florida vacation in a glass. The St. Rita, featured in Simply Buckhead's May/June "Margarita" section, brings St. Germain to the Tequila Blanco and lime party. The Old Fashioned keeps things classic while the Simply White margarita drips with modern elegance. Can't decide which to try? Stop by on Tuesdays when any of the five martinis on the menu are $5, or visit on Thursdays for the same deal on margaritas. This way, you can try them all without even breaking a sweat (or the bank).

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