Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alert the Paparazzi: The Queen of Sandy Springs is at Hearth Pizza Tavern

Looking for the right way to show your thanks to the queen of your household on Mother's Day? Luckily for you, Hearth Pizza Tavern is tossing the dough and ladling the sauce on a new pizza dubbed "The Queen of Sandy Springs" that is sure to make your mom proud of your good taste. It's absolutely acceptable to say this queen is a little crusty and regally sauced. Tomato-rich passata di pomodoro sauce - not Hearth Pizza Tavern's usual homemade marinara - holds court on a healthy crust made from all-organic flour and its own natural germ. The whole outfit is adorned with whole, fragrant basil leaves and house-dried oregano. Queens and subjects, dig in.

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