Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Take Your Next Lunch Break to Try the New Menu at No. 246

By: Jaimie Goss
One of the perks of working in Decatur is the abundance of terrific lunch options at nearby restaurants. The new menu at No. 246 was designed for all the office workers out there who want to take a break from tacos or a footlong sub, enjoy a midday meal and still have time to make it back to their desk on time. 

Most of the new menu items are around $10, so no need to break out the company credit card. Get the meal started with fried calamari with lemon, garlic knots or some crispy cheese for the table ($5-$9). Sandwiches include the eggplant or chicken Parm, sausage and peppers (pictured above), porchetta and the No. 246 burger ($8-$11). And while you aren't running a race, you are climbing the corporate ladder, so fuel up with pasta selections like the spaghetti and shrimp, wood-baked ziti and meatballs, agnolotti, carbonara and manicotti ($9-$14). To show your co-workers you're a team player, order pizzas like the salami, mushroom, Margherita or fattoria-style to share ($10-$16). Chopped, flatbread or house salads can be made for meat lovers as well ($9-$12). Finally, don't forget to add side dishes, like ceci peas, roasted beets, fries, Brussels sprouts, braised greens, fried polenta and crispy onions. Happy lunching! 

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