Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Peachtree-Pine Street Homeless Shelter Rooftop Garden Needs Your Seed Money to Grow

Help the Peachtree-Pine Street Homeless Shelter Rooftop Garden raise $2,500 to get off the ground and grow. The organic garden is part of the 100 Urban Gardens goal to build 100 urban gardens across 100 cities in the U.S. Partners PACT. Whole Foods Foundation and Indiegogo are behind the drive, pointing out that only 2 percent of our children eat enough fruits and veggies! The Peachtree-Pine space can accommodate a minimum of 40 rectangular beds plus vertical beds growing almost as many benefits as veggies. Learn about urban food production, sustainable technologies and all the benefits they bring. Don't forget to donate here!

1 comment:

jolomo said...

Hasn't the owner of that building been trying to evict them for a year? Don't they already owe the city $150,00 for water? Strange new direction