Thursday, December 13, 2012

Appetizing Aperture: Fantastic Sweets at No. 246

Those visions of sugarplums are just visions. No. 246 has the real sweets from Creative Director Taria Camerino -- a new dessert menu offering smaller pastries to share and pair with cocktails. Pair flourless chocolate cake with a Harvey Darko ($4 dessert/$7 cocktail); pistachio cannoncini with Biscotti Spumanti ($4/$7); biscotto with the "8 1/2" of house-made espresso liquor, spiced turbinado syrup and whipped cream ($4/$6). Weekends, drool over the new pastry and candy window case filled with sugared and raisin brioche, apple tarts, cranberry clafoutis, chocolate black pepper sable, pasticciotto, donuts and more scrumptious baked goods. 

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