Friday, September 28, 2012

Sake It to Me: RA Sushi Pours $1 Hot Sake on International Sake Day and Picks Kiwi for Fall Sashimi and Cocktail Pairing

On Monday, October 1, RA Sushi Bar Restaurant in Midtown will be celebrating International Sake Day, the start of sake brewing season! With sake being the ultimate sippable go-with for sushi, you can imagine how huge this special day is for the restaurant. In honor of the day, from 11 a.m. until close, guests can sip $1 hot sake -- $2 off the regular price. Lift your cup and toast "Kanpai!" in Japanese or "Cheers!" in English.
Along with sake-brewing season comes the autumn harvest of apples, pumpkins and fuzzy-skinned kiwifruit. Huh? Yes, the fruit that bares a fresh green color is equally at home on a plate or in a glass at RA Sushi. Their kiwi scallops sashimi plate and Kiwi Kismet cocktail pairing (pictured) for $18 highlights the sweet-tart fruit. On the plate, kiwi befriends premium Hokkaido scallops, peppery arugula, sautéed cashews and orange tobiko vinaigrette. Each sparkly green Kiwi Kismet cocktail amplifies kiwi by muddling then adds Kai Lemongrass Vodka, sweet sparkling sake and fresh lime and pineapple juices. Get fresh with the pairing from October 1 through November 30.

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