Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here's a Book to Devour this Fall - "Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate"

We give elegant boxes of artisan chocolate as love tokens. Simple chocolate kisses heal boo-boos. And please pass another square of that extra-dark antioxidant-laden cacao bar. A world without chocolate would be bland indeed, yet the best-tasting chocolates in the world are facing extinction. From bean to bonbon, farmers, scientists, manufacturers and artisans all have a stake in "the bar." 

A new book, "Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate," releases October 1 in hardcover and eBook formats (Wilmor Publishing Corporation; October 2012; Hardcover; $19.95; eBook; $9.95; ISBN: 978-0-9691921-2-1 (Print); 978-0-9691921-3-8 (eBook).

Co-authors Pam Williams and Jim Eber take readers on a fascinating global journey with stops to interview some of the most important people in the chocolate business. A master chocolatier herself, Williams is founder of Ecole Chocolate Professional School of Chocolate Arts. Bedside, kitchen, coffee table, gift - this "bar" is at the top of our must-consume list. Pre-order a copy now on Amazon.

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