Thursday, April 5, 2012

Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food Helps You Drink the Heat Away

This spring might be one of the warmest we've had in Atlanta, but luckily Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food is offering a remedy to beat the heat. We already know how wonderful the Swirls are but now the restaurant has added five new non-alcoholic teas and lemonades. Each one is handcrafted and made with fresh fruit, and only $3.75 apiece with $1 refills. Check out the flavors: 
  • Mango Passion Lemonade - lemonade and Uncle Julio’s fresh mango passion fruit
  • Strawberry Guava Lemonade - hand-shaken blend of real strawberries, guava nectar and lemonade 
  • Cherry Limeade - sweet cherry with a tart lime flavor
  • Raspberry Iced Tea - freshly brewed tea with raspberries 
  • Raspberry Palmer - a refreshing blend of lemonade, freshly brewed tea and real raspberries 

Leave a comment below and tell us which one sounds best to you!

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