Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kerala on Our Minds: Spice Route Supper Club Dinner on July 23

We're dreaming of traveling to India this Saturday...with Asha Gomez of Spice Route Supper Club. The supper club chef is hosting one of her tantalizing dinners at 8 p.m. on July 23, and you'll definitely want to hop on board for the five-course culinary passage.

The dinner tours the flavors of Kerala, which is in southwetern India's spice route. You'll begin with a Keralan trio of vegetables: green beans and carrots thoren (stir-fry with freshly grated coconut), beetroot pachadi (a creamy yogurt-based dish) and sweet potato verrakku (traditional sauté with mustard seeds and curry leaves). Delicate fish cakes follow, seasoned with ginger and green chile and served with green papaya pickle. Third course is a savory duck roast with pan-roasted potatoes served with Gomez's fresh mango chutney. Kerala beef curry, redolent with ginger, cinnamon and curry leaf served with coconut rice, comes next. Finally, when you think you've covered all the spices, out comes vattayapam, a steamed cake, light in texture like angel food cake, with a custard-like pudding of ripe plantains, coconut milk and cardamom. Speaking of cardamom, Gomez is opening a restaurant called Cardamom Hill on Northside Drive this fall so think of this supper as a sneak peek! Seats at the Spice Route Supper Club table are $85 per person, which includes unique wine and beer pairings. There are only 20 spots, so email spiceroutesupperclub@gmail.com for reservations. The supper club location is in northwest Atlanta off I-285; guests will receive directions two days prior to the dinner.

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