Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Follow Friday; Meet our Tweep of the Week @TheWineGenie

There's a fun story behind Kiley - The Wine Genie and her blog.  Upon graduating from college, she heads over to Italy to teach English and ends up gaining a wine education with friends and a Fiat on weekends.  Nice homework!  

Follow her short sips on Twitter: @TheWineGenie.  Fill up a big wine glass and prepare to take notes when you click into her The Wine Genie vino blog.  For all of you who dream of wining through Italy, this one's for you.


Kevin said...

I had @thewinegenie host a wine party at my house. She did an incredible job. This girl knows her wines! I typically love full bodied reds, so she selected some good Bordeauxes, but also rocked a couple more medium wines for the other palates. I definitely recommend following her, reading the blog, and having her lead a tasting party if you are in the market for that.

Unknown said...

I literally have learned most everything I know about wine through @thewinegenie. I have attended MANY tastings with her, and been to several she has hosted. Thanks to Kiley, I can "speak" wine--from Rieslings to Pinots.