Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't Forget Tequila Day Tomorrow

Just in case your Hallmark calendar doesn't have it listed, we wanted to be sure you didn't forget that tomorrow is National Tequila Day. And it falls on a Saturday this year - score! So just in case you needed a reason to have a shot or a margarita, you are in luck. And, wouldn't you know it, we have a couple of suggestions for you to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

At The Original El Taco, the tequila portion of the drinks menu reads like a who's who of tequilas to be met straight up, face to face. "FroMos" and on-the-rocks margaritas befriend mixed drink lovers by the glass or pitcher and include a variety of tequilas and mixers. Welcome the Original, Palermo Texas, Key West, El Primo, Resales and El Big Boy margaritas to put some "Ole!" in your Virginia Highland visit.

Over in Buckhead and Sandy Springs, 15 types of tequilas and their margarita relatives are equally sociable at both Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food locations. The Swirl, twirling frozen margarita and frozen sangria, is the most popular of the more than 200,000 margaritas and tequila drinks served monthly at Uncle Julio's restaurants nationwide. Popular cousins include the classic frozen, strawberry and Chambord margaritas and the Baja Gold frozen margarita, which mixes Corona with frozen margarita. Uncle Julio's managers go through "tequila training" in Guadalajara, Mexico each fall to do justice to the magical elixir in drinks and recipes.

Feliz dia de la tequila, amigos!

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ashley said...

love tequila! wish i could swing by uncle julio's for a SWIRL, but i am in columbia! just a homemade frozen marg will have to do!