Monday, April 5, 2010

Atlanta’s Up & Coming Restaurateurs – TV is calling you!

Get cookin'!

If you follow the Atlanta culinary scene, then you know that it is a hotbed of constant new activity! What bad economy?? Here comes a march of delicious new burgers, piping hot new pizzas, new pubs to check out, new fine dining for date nights – you name it, and Atlanta’s hopeful restaurateurs will give it a try to see if it sticks.

If you’re one of those hopefuls with pipe dreams of making it big with local food lovers, it could be your chance to shine in the spotlight – we just heard about a new Food Network Atlanta based restaurant reality TV show that will feature just such folks called “The Openers”!

You must be a first time restaurant owner (with an award winning personality and fantastic team, naturally) that will be opening within one to six months from now, and your new hotspot cannot be a chain or franchise. If your restaurant will be full service and serves alcohol with at least 30 seats and needs or wants the help of a restaurant consultant, then make sure to click on over to We Sell Restaurants to find out more information about the opportunity to be a big star on the small screen!

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