Friday, March 26, 2010

Wine + Dinner = True Love at Toulouse

I’m afraid I’m developing quite an addiction for wine dinners – what’s not to love?

Perfectly paired dishes with exquisite wines and the chance to hear the actual winemaker tell about the soil, the weather, and all of the things that intricately help make this wine what it has become? Yes, please. It’s a pleasure to hear them speak because they love what they do and what they create. It’s educational AND delicious!

Since my first ever wine dinner experience at Pacci was so wonderful, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the Dine Around Dinner at Toulouse in Buckhead last night. It was a new event as part of the High Museum Wine Auction going on this weekend, and Toulouse created a seven course dinner based on the wines of two California wineries, Niner Wine Estates and Lancaster Estate, with a part of the proceeds going towards the High Museum.

We listened closely as reps from each winery filled us in about each wine as we went thru from course to course. Both reps went the extra mile by sitting down to chat with guests at different tables and answer any questions people had – what a great way to learn. I think I see a visit to California Wine Country in my future!

Because sometimes pictures speak louder than words, I’m sharing a slideshow of my photos from the evening. Follow along with the menu online if you wish! Every dish was delightful and I can’t wait to go back and try Toulouse again soon.

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mark said...

Is it me or did your cheeks get rosier and you smile bigger as the evening progressed? Ahhhh wine dinners.