Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Meals, 12 Great Deals at Evos

Crime? Eating too much junk food!
I don't know about you but I get so tired of all the over-the-top eating we do at the holidays so I am loving the new promotion EVOS Feel Great Fast Food is doing - 12 Meal of Good Deals. We’re talking steakburgers and Airfries, not turtle doves and partridges. From now until Christmas Eve, Evos is featuring a different signature value meal each day at a price that will leave a little extra jingle in your holiday shopping budget.

December 12 – Crispy Thai Trout Wrap
December 13 – EVOS Original Championburger
December 14 – Chopped Steak Taco Wrap
December 15 – Honey Mesquite Chicken Burger
December 16 – Tomato Basil Chicken Wrap
December 17 – Chipotle Turkey Burger
December 18 – Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap
December 19 – Veggie Garden Grill Burger
December 20 – Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap
December 21 – Spicy Trout Filet Burger
December 22 – Avocado & Turkey Wrap
December 23 – EVOS Original Steakburger

*Vegetarian substitutions available upon request

EVOmaniacs who have a healthy holiday and collect six out of the 12 Meals of Good Deals cards will receive a $20 Greenback Gift Card. For those who prefer giving rather than receiving, you can choose to donate your $20 Greenback to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. I'm looking forward to using this as an opportunity to try out some new items on their menu starting with the avocado & turkey wrap - sounds delish!

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