Thursday, August 20, 2009

MLA Goes to Girls’ Night Out at Aqua blue

The ladies of MLA decided it was time to see what Girls' Night Out at Aqua blue was all about. We had a great time and enjoyed delicious food and drinks for just $5 each! Oh, and the bar was busy with other girls getting the same great deal. Check out the photos below and see all about our night at this Roswell hot spot!

Here is our order of crispy calamari. It was tasty and had quite a kick!

McCall and I enjoyed a $5 glass of the Mad Housewife Cabernet.

The Ariel sushi roll was a cool contrast to our spicy calamari.

This is Aqua blue's refreshing and fruity cocktail, the Five Alive.

We all enjoyed the live music too! Davis Sandling did great.

Marissa and Lindsay are all smiles after an evening of great deals and drinks!
Aqua blue’s Girls’ Night Out is every Wednesday at 5 p.m. The restaurant is located at 1564 Holcomb Bridge Road; 770-643-8886.

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