Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pass the Shrimp

Ever wonder where those delectable shrimp you indulge in came from and when they were caught? Whole Foods Market does--and they want to make sure they provide you with fresh, wild Georgia shrimp. That is why Whole Foods supports local fishermen such as Ambos Seafood in Savannah, GA. Click here to watch a video on how Ambos Seafood delivers fresh seafood daily.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I love fresh caught shrimp I must remember that if that were the only way for us to get shrimp there wouldn't be any for the average person. Without shrimp farming we wouldn't be eating much shrimp, there would be very limited availablity and it would be extremely expensive. What we need is responsible sustainable aquaculture so that shrimp & fish aren't completely over fished and we can continue to find affordable seafood. There are responsible aquaculture businesses.