Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preview of Pacci

Friends, family and I wined and dined at Pacci last night, and I am still full. After sipping drinks in the lively bar, we were seated in a private nook towards the back of the restaurant. From the moment we sat down, our waiter tended to our every need. From fabulous wine, soft bread and tapenade to filet, rack of lamb and short ribs, indulgence is an understatement. The list goes on to include beef carPACCIo, gnocchi, bread pudding, shrimp carbonara (with house-made pancetta, fried egg, sweet peas and onion), and my favorite, halibut with fava beans in a sweet corn broth. The ristorante opens tonight for all of Atlanta to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

it's a shame that all those shots came out orange... though I can understand not wanting to use a flash... looks like some fantastic food