Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food is the Star of Georgia Organics Conference

It all started with the homemade pickles ...

and then came the pickled Georgia shrimp, the potted Springer Mountain Farms chicken liver, the Flat Creek Lodge cow's milk feta, the pickled local beets, the salad of local greens with buttermilk dressing and the Southern yeast buns with Sparkman's Cream Valley butter.
The White Oak Pastures grass fed beef brisket was delicious, as was the Riverview Farms pig pickin' which I put homemade hot sauce on. We got the yummy Barefoot Farmer's butternut squash but I'll never forgive them for skipping our table with the Buckeye Creek Farm's corn spoonbread.However, they remembered to bring us the braised Georgia greens with diced turnip roots and that pretty much made up for everything.

Oh, and Michael Pollan spoke.

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