Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy National Carrot Cake Day!

Eating healthy in the new year? What could be better than a vegetable cake, right? Okay, I'll admit that I'm one who always goes for the carrot cake because it sounds healthier than the chocolate cake. Whether it is or not is not something I really want to know.

So, how convenient to find that today is National Carrot Cake Day. All the dieters of the world probably came up with that so they could indulge after a month of eating only .... ummm ... carrots.

Come to find out, Morton's has a famed carrot cake that is actually based on the recipe of one of their employees. We have the recipe here. Leave a comment if you want us to send - it looks yummy. Or if you're like me and don't really get into that baking/cooking stuff, just head to the Buckhead or Downtown locations for a slice and cup of coffee. What a nice treat!


Leah said...

please send me the recipe: leahjoevans@gmail.com

thanks! love the blog!


Corky said...

Please send recipe.

Unknown said...

Enjoy the recipe, Leah. Charles, send me your email and I'll forward it on to you as well!