Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Group Dinner at Pizza Fusion

The team headed out on a chilly, Atlanta night to try the new Pizza Fusion restaurant in the Aramore on Peachtree. First things first - free, self-parking in the garage! From there, just allow the smell to lead you to the restaurant.

Clean, sleek interior

When you walk in you immediately notice the clean, sleek atmosphere. This is Atlanta’s first LEED Certified restaurant meaning everything from the light fixtures to the delivery vehicles is energy efficient. We sat down with the owner Jeff Melnick and got the whole schpeel . They use over 75% organic ingredients in the menu, tables are made from recycled wood, toilets are low-flow and customers who return their pizza boxes get a special discount. I love the concept of this place just as much as I love the food!
Owner Jeff Melnick

Energy efficient delivery car

We had a deliciously organic meal that started with wine and bread sticks. The mutli-grain and organic white sticks came with tomato marinara sauce and we added a side of olive tapenade. The combination of olives, garlic and red peppers made for a perfect dip.

Multi-grain and organic white bread sticks with marinara and olive tapenade.

We wanted to get a good taste of the pizzas so we ordered four of the Specialty Pies – Founder’s Pie, Greek, goat cheese & sundried tomato and the Seattle. All specialty pies are served large, which is 18” x 9”, and on a wooden plank. You have the choice of multi-grain, organic white or gluten-free crusts and we decided to test out each one.

Greek on gluten-free

goat cheese and sundried tomato on white

Seattle on white

The chalk wall boasts great lunch specials ($9.99 for a personal pizza, soda, side salad) and the build your own pizza option is enticing. In addition to organic beer and wine they also serve Boylan sodas that use natural sugar and my favorite, Honest Tea.

We had such a great time at Pizza Fusion. It’s unique in that the restaurant can host a group of ten or a couple on a date and everyone feels comfortable. The pizza is great and I love supporting a restaurant that uses organic ingredients and energy efficient appliances.

Find more of our pictures from the night on our flickr page, here. Pizza Fusion: 2233 Peachtree Road, Suite M; 404-351-9934.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it's worth a try! Plus it has the added bonus of being right next door to H&F Bread Co. so I can pickup some provisions there during my visit.

Surprised this is the first LEED certified restaurant. Dynamic Dish says they are platinum LEED certified, but would have thought there were others too.