Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cocido at Ecco: Que Bueno!

My Spanish friends are always saying, "que bueeeeeeeeeno" whenever they think something is great. So last night when I tried the cocido at Ecco that was the first phrase that came to mind.

I must admit that I had forgotten Tuesdays were the special night for this hearty Spanish stew. Ecco does a deal where you get cocido and a glass of wine for $24. Only on Tuesdays. Because that's the traditional Tuesday dish in Spain.

It changes up each week but last night the meats were two types of sausage and two types of beef. The brisket was melt-in-your-mouth good. Que bueno! Then there were beans and potatoes too. It's served on a plate with the broth in a small bowl on the side. Eating instructions were not included so I spooned the broth onto the meats. YUM.

They were pretty busy so you'll probably want to make a rez, but it's not a must. See you there next week! Que bueeeeeeeno!

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