Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahhh, Moving!

Tell people you're moving and you'll get one of three responses: "I hate moving." "You poor thing - good luck." "I have a bad back."

So, yes, we are moving. Going through many years of memories and sending them to that big recycling heaven in the sky. Anyone remember The Martini Club? Filibuster's? Insignia? Fishbone? The MLA team has now been given a history lesson on the Atlanta restaurant scene!

We are leaving Buckhead and heading to the Westside. Our new office at Lumberyard Lofts should be ready in March. But, wait, what about February?

Since MLA is already a green office with most everyone tele-working, we're pretty much set up for a month of office-less-ness. And Fifth Group is letting us hang out there once a week just so we can see each other in person. Otherwise, I expect you'll find us at Octane or West Egg.
Our new address is 1425 Ellsworth Industrial Dr./30318. Our phones stay the same 404-816-3068. March will be here before we know it! We're looking forward to having Bone Garden Cantina as our office cafeteria. Come by for a margarita once we've moved in.

Oh, and there's still time to come over and help out if you don't have a bad back and you like moving!


Lizzie Azzolino said...

Exciting news, Melissa! Congrats to the MLA team. Hope I can come by for a visit sometime and get a tour of the new diggs!

And, enjoy your month of telecommuting. I think that's ideal!

Doc said...

You forgot the fourth response:

"I have boxes."