Monday, December 8, 2008

Please Fasten Your Seats Belts and Put Your Seat Backs And Tray Tables in the Upright and Locked Position…

I love when people know how to party!! Any good party planner knows that the tone of the party is set long before guests begin arriving. That’s why I knew that I was in for a trip when I received my invitation to the Concierge Society of Atlanta’s holiday celebration, which was fashioned to look like an airline ticket. The theme for the event on Thursday, December 4, was “Fly Away with CSA” and the attire was “70s airline chic” …oh, the possibilities were endless.

Needless to say, those wild and crazy concierges did not disappoint. Everyone really got into the spirit!! I don’t think I have seen so many afros since the last time the hubby made me watch Pam Grier (the only woman we have agreed he may leave me for; even though she is twice our age)in Foxy Brown. From the bad wigs and stewardess uniforms (yes stewardess, not flight attendant), to the bellbottoms and flower shirts, I felt like I was in an episode of That 70s Show, minus that adorable Wilmer Valdarrama.

We played games for delicious prizes like dinner for two at City Grill and $50 Visa gift cards before drawing the winner of the door prize – two airline tickets to San Francisco (courtesy of Airtran Airlines), three nights in the Hyatt and a $300 transportation credit from Boston Coach. Although I left without the trip to Frisco, as we Californians call it, the swag bags were no consolation gifts. How could I complain about gifts from Dailey’s, Eclipse di Luna, Morton’s, Uncle Julio’s and Bliss Spa. Peace and happiness; good stuff.

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