Thursday, December 4, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Eclipse di Luna Photo Shoot

Chef Ben McPherson's new menu at Eclipse di Luna (the Miami Circle location) is getting lots of attention. So much so, we decided to get some photos taken of his new delicious dishes. On Tuesday I headed over to the restaurant to meet up with photographer Jonathan Stancel and Chef Ben. Ben had prepared some of his newest and hottest tapas for the shoot. The smell of the fresh cooked food was intoxicating and the vibrant colors in each dish seemed to jump right off the plate.

Jonathan did an awesome job of using the natural light on the patio to accent each dish. He took several shots from all angles and was really focused on capturing the essence of each plate. After all of the food shots were finished, Jonathan thought it would be cool to get some shots of Ben in kitchen. It was a cool space and made for some truly unique photos.

Overall, the day went great. We got some great photos and had a fun afternoon at the restaurant. Check out some of the photos:

This (above) is a friseé, fennel and pear salad with Valdeón clue cheese and a creamy almond dressing($3.95).

This (above) is the grilled asparagus with manchego cheese, lemon and extra virgin olive oil ($4.50).

This (above) is the grilled chicken breast taco with roasted corn-pablano salad and Peruvian chile sauce ($4.50).

This (above) is the grilled hanger steak with onion marmalade, red pepper pureé and crispy onions ($5.25).

This (above) is the salmon ceviche with mint, cucumber, avocado, red onion and crispy yucca ($5.75).

This (above) is the tuna seared rare with an olive, fingerling potato, green bean salad and poached egg vinaigrette ($4.50).

This (above) is the octopus with fingerling potatoes, red onion, capers, smoked paprika and 50 year old Sherry Vinegar ($5.25).

And here (above) is the man that created it all, Chef Ben McPherson. Stop by the Miami Circle location of Eclipse di Luna to try some of his latest culinary creations.

Eclipse di Luna - Miami Circle: 764 Miami Circle; 404-846-0449

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