Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is an Urban Composter

So, I set out to buy my master gardener mother some goodies for her Christmas stocking and I end up adding an urban composter to my own Santa list. That's what a trip to Farmer D's brand new store will do for you. It's like when you go to Michael's and you start imagining yourself as an artist and get all inspired to create some beautiful things. At Farmer D's you'll get excited about gardening, creating a sustainable environment in your own little world.

The store is located on North Druid Hills at Briarcliff, sharing a door with Avril's car wash. When I walked up, Farmer D was there proudly showing a lady a large barrel of worms squirming around in some very rich, dark brown soil. She seemed duly impressed so I oohed and aahed too. Inside is a beautiful store with tons of merchandise - all organic. You can stock up on Farmer D's own brand of biodynamic fertilizer, buy gardening tools, browse the book section, and check out cool products that you never knew existed - like an urban composter. This thing is small for us city dwellers and pretty much does the work for you - automatically churning your waste every four hours and providing you with beautiful soil every 2 weeks! Did I mention I want one of these???
I got my mom a cool wire bird feeder and some suet for inside it, seeds for some hearty lettuces, a homemade reusable produce bag, and a book on composting (hee hee!). Farmer D's store is open every day. I recommend checking it out. And if you get that composter, call me so I can come over and see it work!

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