Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whipahol is Wacky!

Now that John Kessler has broken the news in his article in today's AJC, it's safe for me to admit that I was at the Whipahol tasting a week or so ago at Eclipse di Luna on Miami Circle. It's like Reddi Whip with alcohol. Whipalicious? Well, not sure I'd go that far. Potent enough to whip you into a drunken stupor after a few? Without a doubt.

A small group of Yelpers were carefully selected (by me) based on their adventurous spirit and fondness for cocktails. We tasted all four flavors: amaretto, cinnamon, orange and macadamia. The bar staff at Eclipse di Luna were Whipahol wizards, blending concoctions like vanilla vodka and orange Whipahol (no thanks) and Frangelico with amaretto (yes!).

This product isn't legal in Georgia yet but I'm sure it will be a hit when it is. I might be able to score a sample if anyone wants to try!

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Alison Ilg said...

I'd love to try some whipahol. It would be the perfect topping for holiday drinks. Right? It would be fun to try at an upcoming party at my house.