Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Riesling and Eggs? You Betcha!

Who would have guessed a game of free word association between a chef de cuisine and a beverage director could be so delicious? Last night Ecco hosted an wine dinner, themed Riesling and Eggs, which was born from pairing these two things, which would not ordinarily be associated. Each course of the wine dinner was the artistic taste explosion that I have come to expect from Ecco and the beverage distributor sitting next to me commented that the wines were so obscure that several had to be flown in from Germany, specifically for our dinner.

The food was a creative twist on classic favorites, such as the ravioli with housemade ricotta and whole yolk (definitely my favorite dish of the evening), paired with Von Buhl, Sekt, which was my first taste of sparkling Riesling. Pictured above is the main course, pan-roasted sturgeon and caviar. Overall, the evening was full of great food, great wine and great company. I look forward to the next dinner.

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Dirty said...

Upset I missed this one! This looked like a killer dinner! But, that y'know, wouldn't really try to kill you-- ; )