Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cheers to You Rowdy

Today we mourn the loss of For almost a week I wondered why the site was not working. I simply blamed my wireless internet connection and went on my way. I finally wrote Matt himself who assured me it was not my browser but that in fact the site was down. How could this be? I wondered, but Mr. Rowdy gave no details.

Today, Hardy at DirtySouthWine reports that is gone but Mr.Rowdy has forwarded the url to his blog. So if you type in and end up reading about wine, don't fret. Stay and read about Hardy's adventures in grapes and be on the look out for posts about the birdies that hang out on his porch. Mr. Rowdy, your food quests will be missed. Cheers to you!

As one goes away, two more are added. We have recently updated the Delicious Atlanta Sites blogroll to include two great blogs, Adventurous Tastes and Disposable Income. Please be sure and check them out (often!). I love finding new blogs on the Atlanta scene. Keep 'em comin'!

Photo courtesy of RowdyFood on flickr.

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