Friday, July 4, 2008

Fancy Food Show 08

Well, my feet have finally stopped hurting but my mind is still racing from all the cool products we saw at the Fancy Food Show in NY this week. Over 150,000 food/beverage products in 350,000 square feet of space - can you imagine! Meryl and I did our best to sample as much as possible, but how much chocolate, pretzels and popcorn can you eat? We were thrilled that our clients, tsp spices and BaconSalt, stood out. In fact, tsp won "best food gift" for the whole show!!!! They also got tons of press, including Time magazine! Their new product SmartSpice was a big hit - look for it in September at Whole Foods. BaconSalt was one of 10 products chosen to be on Good Morning America Tuesday morning! And they also attracted a ton of attention from media at the show. We were so proud to represent them both.

Celeb sightings included the Barefoot Contessa and the "Chinese girl" from Soy Vay marinades. Outstanding tastes included wine ice cream, coconut water, and caffe acapella - looks like chocolate but it's a coffee bar. YUM.
We can't wait to go back next year!

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