Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Grilling Season...Grab Some Grate Chef and Pass the Bacon Salt!

The season known as “fire up the grill for the summer” starts sometime between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There are no greeting cards to celebrate the season; however, Bacon Salt™ and Grate Chef® have the seasonings and supplies you’ll need to set the thrill of the grill off to a “grate” start.

Get Ready With Grate Chef
First, be sure your grill is prepared to do its job by cleaning the grate with non-flammable, Grill Wipes® disposable towelettes (MSRP $2.99/package of 6) that are loaded with restaurant-grade grilling oil that simultaneously cleans and oils your grate. Use the patented Chrome Steaming Grill Brush® (MSRP $19.99) to give your grill grates a good-as-new look with the power of lemon juice. Lemon acid and steam remove residue and recondition the grate – and the brush lasts through four seasons! Polish up the outside of your “baby” in one easy step with Stainless Steel Wipes® (MSRP $2.99/package of 6). Now you’re ready to light the grill! The Fire Starter® (MSRP $2.99/package of 6), an environmentally safe, non-toxic charcoal-lighting option uses packets that heat up to an odorless, tasteless 1,500 degrees in approximately 10 minutes. Purchase Grate Chef products nationwide in grocery and hardware stores, and specialty stores such as Barbeques Galore, Inc., Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens ‘n Things. For more information or to order products, call 877-900-8415.

Pig Out in Good Health!
Everything tastes better with J & D’s Bacon Salt! It’s not an oxymoron to include the words “health” and “bacon” in the same sentence when we’re talking about J & D’s Bacon Salt. The zero-calorie, zero-fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning adds the delectable taste of bacon to whatever you’re grilling or putting on the side. Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow (the J&D) have packaged their perky peak of the pig seasonings in four flavors – Original, Hickory, Peppered and Natural – that will put new oink in your salads, sides, meats, sandwiches…and even popcorn. Bacon Salt is taking the nation by storm, having launched successfully in more than 2,000 retail and grocery stores and by receiving a hog’s share of media coverage. Justin and Dave have even created a charitable giving initiative called Operation Bacon Salt, which provides free Bacon Salt to troops serving in countries where bacon and other pork products are not permitted due to cultural reasons.

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Unknown said...

I brought some Grill Wipes with me to a BBQ last summer as a gift for the chef and he was an instant fan. It's a creative gift to give a griller.