Monday, March 24, 2008

VITA is open for dinner!

VITA is now open for dinner! After a week of
serving lunch only and a weekend of dinner sans
liquor license, VITA is now ready for a "real" opening. My friends couldn't wait to get together to go check it out!

We had a great time trying a lot of different things. The mussels are outstanding - plump and juicy. I had the marinara preparation but I hear the white wine with gorgonzola is to die for. Ah, next time.

Tonight I enjoyed a yummy house side salad and the linguini with meatballs. I had promised one of the girls a bite of meatball, but guess what? Didn't happen. They were too good for sharing!

The service was friendly, helpful, and always there. Our server had the wine in her hand before we even ordered it. Talk about anticipating your needs!

We had a dessert platter that was gone before I could take a picture. YUM. That's all I can tell you.

VITA is in the old Mick's location on Peachtree at Bennett St. It's open for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday. You will undoubtedly meet Tony LaRocco, the owner. Enjoy!!

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