Friday, February 6, 2009

Marlow's Northlake Entertains Atlanta Photography Group

Forty photographers from the Atlanta area gathered at Marlow's Tavern on La Vista Road for a monthly meet and greet last night. Marlow's served The Atlanta Photography group firecracker shrimp, hummus, spinach dip, kettle chips and their popular shrimp and crab nachos. The February meet and greet was a perfect warm up for the 2nd Annual Silent Auction on Wednesday February 18th at Eclipse Di Luna.
Atlanta Photography is a not-for-profit organization that supports the photographic arts. 100% of their funding comes from individuals and photographers in the Atlanta area and they need your help for 2009. So, come out and join us for a fun evening of photography and friends.
When: Wednesday February 18th, 2009 - 7pm to 9pm
Hosted by: Eclipse Di Luna (764 Miami Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30324 404.846.0449)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whole Foods Market Gives You the Whole Story on Crystal Organic Farms

It’s always nice to know where your food comes from. Whole Foods Market gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the animals, faces and places behind the wholesome products found in their shelves via their Whole Story blog. A recent profile of Nicolas Donck of Crystal Organics, Georgia’s first organic farm, reveals the passion behind his certified organic Garden of Eden products. Donck began farming when he left his home in Belgium at 16 and has been a leader in organic farming practically ever since. He even started Atlanta’s first organic farmer’s market!

Check him out!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MLA Joins Facebook

Did you know today is the fifth anniversary of Facebook? When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook five-years ago it was exclusively for Harvard- o, how the times have changed. Therefore today seems like an appropriate time to announce our new Facebook page. It's true! The ladies of MLA have decided to create a page that peeks into our doings and findings and passes these on to you through tasty tips and journal observations (mostly we think about food, but sometimes we branch out). Join our community of friends and share your thoughts. We promise we won’t bite!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy National Carrot Cake Day!

Eating healthy in the new year? What could be better than a vegetable cake, right? Okay, I'll admit that I'm one who always goes for the carrot cake because it sounds healthier than the chocolate cake. Whether it is or not is not something I really want to know.

So, how convenient to find that today is National Carrot Cake Day. All the dieters of the world probably came up with that so they could indulge after a month of eating only .... ummm ... carrots.

Come to find out, Morton's has a famed carrot cake that is actually based on the recipe of one of their employees. We have the recipe here. Leave a comment if you want us to send - it looks yummy. Or if you're like me and don't really get into that baking/cooking stuff, just head to the Buckhead or Downtown locations for a slice and cup of coffee. What a nice treat!

Pizza Fusion Fundraiser to Re-Raise Stolen Money

I wanted to fill you in on a fundraiser that all Pizza Fusion locations are participating in, including our local Pizza Fusion restaurant. The newest location in Mesa, Arizona had their grand opening party at the end of January, where they were able to raise $8,000 in support of the Smiths, who are still hospitalized for injuries due to a drunk driving accident in which they tragically lost their two sons earlier this month. Sadly, the restaurant was broken into and the newly-raised the funds were stolen. You can read more about this story, here.

Now, in an effort to re-raise the money, Pizza Fusion locations everywhere have banded together and are accepting donations for the Smith family at their restaurants or on the website. Through a partnership with Wells Fargo, donations made out to the Tracy and Frank Smith Family Fund can be dropped off at any Pizza Fusion location or a local Wells Fargo.

To show thanks for your donations, the Pizza Fusion in Buckhead is offering a free personal cheese pizza through the end of February to generous donations of $50 or more. The free pizza will be given during the following visit to the restaurant located at the Astoria in the Aramore building at 2233 Peachtree Road; 404-351-9334.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kozmo Opens Tomorrow

Kozmo Gastro Pub is opening tomorrow and bringing some fresh excitement to the suburbs! We visited the soon-to-be hot spot in Johns Creek on Saturday night for their preview party. It was so great seeing the space go from construction chaos over the last few months to see how fabulous is looked over the weekend. It felt very comfortable and minimal in a modern way.We got to sample their signature house cocktail the "Kozmo" which was incredibly good. Both tart and sweet, they will be a delight for post-work happy hours. They will have a full menu of unique twists on the original Cosmo as part of their bar offerings.We also got to taste a sampling from the kitchen. Everything was great, but I really enjoyed the mini-burgers and hummus. As of today the final menu for the restaurant is still being tweaked so I'm looking forward to seeing what the options are when I show up for dinner!