Monday, April 2, 2018

What’s New on Pinterest: Spring is Here!

Spring is Here. Truly. Time to spring forward with menu ideas, swapping in-season freshness (think pea, fennel and mint soup) for winter’s rib-sticking stews. Make aheads of chickpea, tomato and basil salad, spring rolls and tomato-basil-artichoke chicken help get chow on the table fast. Turn spring’s greens into a cheery cherry tomato, leek and spinach quiche; spring vegetable gnocchi; asparagus-goat cheese soufflé; beet, avocado and grapefruit salad; or a spring pizza with egg, prosciutto and asparagus. Blend smoothies for slurpable nourishment on the way from point A to point B activities or stir sippable cocktails and teas for relaxing at home or outdoor concerts. And, we have a sweet spot for pretty desserts -- pavlova with berries and lemon curd, pastel macarons, strawberry pie and blueberry Key lime cupcakes to name a few.

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